When we want to take a break simply in the evening. What could be better than pantse confection and ofmanufacturing Japanese 100: Tobi Edo-Style Straight.  (Gray version)
 These pants will go wonderfully in this atmosphere. Especially with its fabric neither too thin, light nor too thick, you will have the opportunity to wear it with more formal shirts and / or

Tobi Edo-Style Straight model



Made directly in the Hiroshima region with all the Japanese know-how, these pants are worked in detail. A resistant polyester and rayon material, simple and sober colors, it adapts easily to several types of situations. Its neutral cut at the waist provides good stability. A belt will adjust the wearing of the pants brilliantly; which allows it to offer a more homogeneous image when in use.ion.

The waist size variations are very precise ranging from 73cm to 100cm, will allow you to find the pants that will best attach to your body. Liners in softer material and with simpler patterns will give a much more standard and pleasant style once in possession. The feeling of wearing a piece of equipment will be present thanks to the weight of the fabrics as well as more discreet reinforcements at the waistline.

Tobi Edo-Style Straight model


The pants will accompany you for the evenings after a day of work but also in your urban trips.

We offer you a variation of black and gray it will bring this simple and distinct image to your activities. This set is offered to you based on the notion of urban night.

Try and enjoy these sensations without further ado.