Autumn has arrived with its saturated tones and peaceful ambiance. Little by little, the cold begins to settle in, what could be better than to express this image with plain colors. A thick canvas with a very compact mesh will be used to fight against the cold. Here is the product, which we propose to discover in one of its variations: the le Tobi Bulky. What sensations can it give us What are its specific aspects How will it transform you to bring this unique silhouette and this feeling of well-being in your pants?  

Tobi Bulky model   Tobi Bulky model

These tobi-type pants in 100 cotton, with the particularity of having a robust fabric. Its neutral cut and belted at the waist allows it to adapt to both women and men; which allows it to offer optimal comfort during use. Thanks to the strength of the fabric, it effectively protects against the cold.cace.
Tobi Bulky model   Tobi Bulky model

Its multitudes of waistlines from 70 cm to 110cm will allow you to find the ideal quality ratio by responding to the composition of your line. The various reinforcements, especially in the tibia, protect a sensitive area of the leg. With lentoilage insert in the part covering the loops and the waist the pants will hold on your hips in a stable way this one provides a unique feeling of well-being.ue.

The pants will accompany you for any outing outdoors, in active life as on weekends.

Today we are offering you this color wedding coodination in burgundy red and sober yellow. Autumn a season which brings the color transition of nature in particular the leaves turn yellow then red before falling. This set here was imagined as a translation of this concept.

Try and enjoy these sensations without further ado.

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Tobi Bulky model