For warriors who love the Nikka Zubon aesthetic, here's something to spruce up your meditations.

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With our exclusive "summer vacation" offer, for any purchase over 120, receive a Baieido brand incense box to enjoy your vacation in complete zen!!


About Baieido» 

Baieido was founded by Kakuemon Yamatoya during the Muromachi period 1336-1573 and was originally concerned with medicinal remedies made from natural plants.s.

In 1657 its owner Jinkoya Sakubei specializes in incense made from raw materials imported from countries such as Indonesia, India, Laos etc.c.

Among the many manufacturers of incense, Baieido has kept the secret of its manufacture over the years. She strives to transmit a quality fragrance while retaining the virtues of the raw materials that she chooses with the greatest care.

Incense boxes in everyday life

It sometimes has a remarkable effect as a medicine for the stomach and an antipyretic, most of them are mainly composed of medicinal plants or spices.

Enough to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation while indulging in your daily activities or simply to recharge your batteries.

Enjoy the benefits of this exceptional product made for more than 300 years in the port city of Sakai, Osaka, a veritable city of craftsmen where unique creations with a long history pass every day from the hands of their creators to those of their users..



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This offer is valid untilAugust 31, 2020.

Happy Holidays to all !