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Nikka Zubon is a clothing boutique established in 2015, based in Osaka, Japan. This project was born out of the will of its creator, a young Frenchman Brathish Thevarasan, a free and curious spirit. Following his travels in Japan and in contact with the Japanese, he was able to discover other ways of dressing and designing a product. He especially fell in love with the pants called Tobi and Nikka worn by the construction workers, 鳶 職 人 Tobi Shokunin. From then on, everything made sense: by making the world discover this unique style and the finesse of the work, he could combine all passions, sharing a story and products with new sensations, ... which animate him.niment.

Voyage au Japon


The symbol of Nikka Zubon is the black kite called 鳶 Tobi or Tonbi in Japanese. The bird is the image of travel and the meeting of several worlds, but also the freedom to migrate to other horizons. This majestic bird is an image which represents the prestige as well as the silhouette of these craftsmen..  


Tobi and Nikka pants originate from Japanese workwear known for their quality of craftsmanship and their comfort when worn. Indeed, they have the particularity of having a cut which makes it possible to give ease during the movements.

A wide line that tightens at the ankles, and a great length so that the transition from sitting to standing pose is done with ease, the design of the pants has been finely developed. The shape is said to have been inspired by a mix between Japanese hakama and western pants. In fact, thanks to the silhouette and their many features these pants are a symbol representing the spirit of modern warrior workers going into battle.t.

The pants you have today are the culmination of many years of improving them to best meet the needs of the wearer.s.

Nikka Zubon model image


Today, Nikka Zubon is turning to a wider audience and wishes to bring a philosophy of discovery by offering clothes that are sometimes pleasant to wear and sometimes bring the feeling of change of scenery. In order to be able to find a wide choice of sizes for small and very large people is available. The team takes particular care for each shipment of product and each interaction with its customers.e. 


Nikka Zubon works directly with its partners and manufacturers located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, a region renowned for their quality canvas and very neat weaving techniques, and thus obtain the best quality / price ratio. Each product is finely selected and carried away by the passion to transcribe new sensations.s.

Fournisseur à Hiroshima

Fournisseur à Hiroshima Fournisseur à Hiroshima

The team does not simply seek to export clothing abroad, but does indeed aim to change clothing fashion by leading it in a wake of quality with a new aesthetic; an aesthetic resulting from the encounters between East and West that its creator embodies in his own way.re.


Come and discover all the comfort and resistance provided by these products, said to be authentic and timeless.

Don't hesitate to wear them!!

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