Our Commitments


We are fortunate to have very often good feedback on the feeling of comfort provided by our products. Indeed, this project started from the moment we were tempted to wear the emblematic Nikka Pokka pants. The feeling at that moment was priceless.

A phrase, a concept that stayed in our minds after consuming a good product was: "After having had a taste of quality, it is difficult to go back".





The spirit that we want to keep from the beginning is the Japanese quality of service and the pride of offering good products.


We have decided to work with our supplier who works hard to offer the best quality-price ratio and in order to fully satisfy the wearers.


We offer you directly from Japan the experience of carrying a good product. Your action is like a response to this offer. These reciprocal actions go beyond just getting a garment. In this sharing there is a whole set including advice, and listening to your feedback, this represents the Nikka Zubon experience. As designer Thevarasan Brathish says: the exchange is much more intense when the heart is there.


We can see these clothes as an extension of your body and not just a spinning. By deciding to wear a garment, we infuse it with a part of our history, our life. Clothes accompany us and form our memories, a value that is precious and dear to us. That's why we propose you come and LIVE with our products.