Our values


Discovering a world

During a trip to Japan, suddenly appeared a beautiful silhouette, it was a crush. When we took a closer look at these products, we discovered a very dense world. Indeed, the world of Japanese workwear is the result of a fascinating history. From this same history have been adapted very classy clothing styles.

This trip was such a great experience, that sharing these products with as many people as possible was an obvious choice. We very much hope that our customers will have the same experience.





The meeting of two worlds

This friendship began when two people for whom nothing destined them to meet, crossed paths on a school trip.

After many trips back and forth between France and Japan, we decided to join forces to share our French and Japanese visions. The project aims to make these 2 cultures closer.




Bringing it up to date

"It's interesting to get past the first impression to find all the true beauty that some designs can hide."

In the history of Japan, the Katana blade of the samurai gradually gave way to kitchen knives. The same phenomenon happens with clothes that migrate from one area to another. 

The Japanese Hakamas, fighting pants were reimagined in the world of work, so halfway between the Japanese Hakama and Dutch knickerbockers was born the Nikka Zubon pants.

We wish to propose a Japanese style and give it a new perception, that is to say a new life to these traditional Japanese clothing with the essential point of respecting the know-how and the technique which are still alive.

Samourai   Knickerbockers   Nikka Zubon - Jeff Cameraman




Passing on the passion

The products that we put in place are our greatest pride. We have the feeling that our action will serve to make live exceptional products because of their history and the sensations they provide. We wish to transmit this passion. 

In order to achieve this, we make sure to communicate frequently and make our customer service as pleasant as possible.