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8 Steps to Know How to Shop at a Foreign Online Shop

Today, online shopping has increased more and more, and most of us have experienced once purchasing online. Exploring foreign online shops allows you to access unique products, discover new brands. However, shopping at a foreign online shop may seem daunting at first. 

We receive inquiries about these topics, as a Japanese clothing online shop we would like to answer through this article. Let’s see 8 important steps when you make an enjoyable international shopping experience. 


1. Research and Select a Trusted Online Shop

Before diving into the world of foreign online shopping, it's crucial to choose a reputable shop. Take time to research and identify trustworthy online shops that provide clear product details, have contact information and secure payment options. Moreover, having SNS accounts will be an extra point to trust the potential shop, it keeps you updated about the latest news of the shop. 



2. Select Products, Verify Details and Specifications

Once you've identified the online shop, start browsing through their product offerings. Explore different categories to find the items you desire. Pay attention to product descriptions, images, and customer reviews to gather comprehensive information and ensure that the products meet your expectations. While shopping at a foreign online shop, it's essential to carefully review product details and specifications. Confirm that the product meets your requirements in terms of size, color, features, and compatibility with your region's standards. Pay attention to any measurements or technical details provided to make an informed decision.



3. Understand Shipping and Import Costs

Foreign online shops may have different shipping options, estimated delivery times, and associated costs. During the checkout process, review the available shipping methods and select the one that suits your needs. Additionally, be aware of any potential import duties or taxes (including VAT) that you might have to pay upon receiving the package. Familiarize yourself with these costs to avoid any surprises later on.


4. Make the Purchase

Once you've added the desired items to your cart, proceed to the checkout page. Take a moment to review your order details, including the quantity, size, and color. If you have any discount codes or promotional offers, enter them at this stage. Select your preferred shipping method and securely enter your payment information. Double-check your billing and shipping addresses for accuracy.



5. Payment Options

Foreign online shops typically offer various payment options. These may include credit/debit cards, PayPal, or other online payment systems. Follow the provided instructions to complete the payment process securely. Always ensure that you're using a trusted and secure payment method to protect your financial information.


6. Track Your Order

After completing your purchase, the online shop should provide you with an order confirmation. Save this confirmation for future reference. Some online shops offer tracking numbers that allow you to monitor the progress of your package. Keep track of the shipping status to stay informed about the estimated delivery date.



7. Familiarize Yourself with Customs Regulations

Shopping from a foreign online shop involves international shipping, which means your package will go through customs. Take the time to understand your country's customs regulations and be prepared to pay any applicable import duties or taxes when the package arrives. Check your country's customs website or contact your local customs authority for guidance and avoid any unexpected surprises.


8. Review and Provide Feedback

Once you receive your order, thoroughly inspect the items to ensure they match your expectations. If everything is satisfactory, consider leaving a review or feedback on the online shop's website or other platforms. Your feedback can be invaluable for future customers and contributes to a thriving online shopping community.



Shopping at foreign online shops opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to discover unique products and embrace global trends. By following these steps, you can confidently navigate the process and make your international online shopping experience a success. Remember to choose reputable online shops, review product details, understand shipping costs, and stay informed about customs regulations. With a little research and careful consideration, you'll unlock a world of shopping opportunities right at your fingertips. 

We are shipping from Japan to the world. When you purchase at our shop, please follow these steps. Feel free to visit our online shop at and say hello to us ! 

Happy shopping !

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