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Our story

Nikka Zubon is a Japanese workwear specialty store since 2015 founded by Brathish Thevarasan, a French man who has a free and curious spirit.

He traveled to Japan several times during his student days, and interacting with Japanese people, there were a series of new discoveries. The Japanese way of thinking and daily life, especially fashion, was very interesting.

In particular, he fell in love with the trousers called Tobi and Nikka worn by construction workers: Tobi Shokunin.

Voyage au Japon


The Tobi and Nikka trousers are Japanese workwear known for their quality of manufacture and their comfort. They have a particular cut which allows an ease during the movements. A wide waistline that narrows at the ankles, and a long length make it easy to move from sitting to standing.

The design of the trousers is finely crafted. It is said that the shape was inspired by a mixture of Hakama (Japanese traditional bottoms worn by samurai warriors) and western trousers. Thanks to this silhouette, these trousers are a symbol representing the spirit of the workers (modern warriors) going into battle.

Today’s Tobi and Nikka trousers are the culmination of many years of improvement to meet the needs of users. Not only do they offer unparalleled comfort, they are also very fashionable and have a great visual impact. Nikka Zubon was started with the desire to deliver these trousers to people all over the world.


Nikka Zubon model image


The symbol of Nikka Zubon is the black kite called Tobi or Tonbi in Japanese. The bird is an image of travel and the meeting of many worlds, but also the freedom to migrate to other horizons.

Nikka Zubon Logo








We work directly with partners and manufacturers located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan (a region renowned for its high quality fabrics and careful weaving techniques), and thus obtains the best quality/price ratio. Each product is finely selected and carried away by the passion of transcribing new sensations. 

Fournisseur à Hiroshima

Fournisseur à Hiroshima Fournisseur à Hiroshima


Today Nikka Zubon is run by Brathish Thevarasan and Mami Kajiwara. In order to deliver our products to as many people as possible while in Japan, we only sell online. We take particular care with each shipment of product and each interaction with its customers.

The team does not simply seek to export clothes abroad, but aims to propose a style that gives you a mind and creative lifestyle in the Japanese way.

To do that, we would like to offer a selection of Japanese products that will make you feel lively when you wear them. We hope that you will feel enriched by adding Japanese items to your daily life.


Our team

Nikka Zubon Team

Brathish Thevarasan / Mami Kajiwara



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