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Tropical pants series

We are pleased to introduce the "Tropical" series of pants. The name Tropical is taken directly from the fabric that bears the same name. This range of pants includes the Nikka Short, Nikka Long and Tobi Edo-Style. All three are available in five colors: 1. navy, 39. silver gray, 43. carbon black, 44. rose gray, 56. blue.

Nikka Tropicale Short Model

Model size: 167 cm, Color: 43. carbon black


The fabric is made with fine yarns with a wide mesh composition (more spaced between the yarns). This results in a fabric that is really light, airy and smooth to the touch, allowing it to ventilate the legs while maintaining a defined shape during use. 

Tropicale Tissu  Nikka Tropical Short Poche


Nikka Tropical pants are composed of Short and Long models: a difference in leg length. These models can be worn in a variety of ways and offer flexibility in selection for each user's leg size.


With their straight cut, you can pair them with T-shirts, loose shirts and low shoes. And you're ready to take on the city.

Nikka Tropicale Short Image  Nikka Tropicale Long Model 

The Tobi Edo-Style Tropical pants are just as light and comfortable. These pants have the particularity of having a slim cut in the range of Tobi Edo-Style. It will follow the line of your legs by bringing out an exquisite softness in the silhouette.

Tobi Edo-Style Tropicale Image  Tobi Edo-Style Tropicale Buttons

Whether it's a Nikka or Tobi Edo-Style, enjoy adding your own personal touch to give them even more flavor.

Please find the products via the following links.

Tropical Short Nikka Pants

Tropical Long Nikka Pants

Tropical Tobi Edo-Style Pants

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