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How to Wear Tobi Pants ?

Nikka Zubon pants are original in their cut and have a rather special shape. Many people may be surprised, especially in view of the total length of the pants. Indeed, it is true that it is really much longer compared to standard pants.

How to wear Tobi pants?

It is common for most crotch heights of pants to measure between 60 and 80 cm, except in this case the Tobi measures 89 to 101.5 cm! This is indeed long! At first glance we had the same feeling about this product.  

But then, how to wear these famous really long pants? 

In fact, there is a very specific meaning to this length. In this article, you will have explanatory elements to better understand how to wear this equipment.


How to adjust the length ?

The Tobi is wide at the base and closes at the level of the shin. 

There are two types of hems (thin part of the shin): Zipper hems or button hems.

To adjust the length you will follow these steps:

1. Pass your legs in full

Wearing the trousers

2. Tighten the hem firmly at your ankle 

Tighten the hem firmly
Tighten the hem firmly
Tighten the hem firmly

3. Fold the wide part of the top following the friction line on your shin

Fold in the wide part
Fold in the wide part

4. Follow the same steps for the other leg, and you're all set !

Well-worn trousers

The length of the pants can surprise more than one at first glance. However, it is necessary to think that the broad part of this one will come to fold up on the fine part at the levels of the shins to adjust itself to your leg.


Why is it designed in this way ?

In order to understand why these pants have a particular shape, it is important to know the context behind the Tobi Pants. To do so let's see the habits and customs of this garment. 

Originally worn in Japanese workwear, its main function is to give optimal comfort to the leg movement. This shape has been adopted to allow its users to lift, bend and relax the legs easily. It is also ideal for moving from a squat to a standing position. Indeed, no tension at the level of the knees is to be felt.

Legs up
Crouching leg

This is why these pants, having all the qualities seen above, are pleasant to wear.



In this way, we could know that this Tobi shape came from Japanese workwear. When we wear these pants you have to adjust the ankle well and then come to shape the wide part. 

This cut of pants can meet many needs, situations or movements are tested. Whether it is for acrobatic figures, ...

Come and discover our different Tobi, available in our store, and take advantage of them to proudly adapt the Nikka Zubon look!

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