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The Sartorial Finish: After Dinner Split


after dinner split

For the most keen observers among you, you may have noticed a detail on the back of our pants - Edo-Style Tobi - which may seem insignificant at first glance.

Indeed, it is this small V-shaped cut, it is a small detail that has its own purpose. It is called "V d’aisance" in French and in its Anglo-Saxon version "after dinner split".

It comes from a sartorial finish that is brought at the end of manufacture that allows the pants with a comfort in more.

The charm of a product lies in these details. We would like to give you more details about this in this article. 

What is the purpose of the after dinner split or notch?

The V-shaped waistband is a detail that can be found on some chino pants. Tailors designed this small V-shaped cut in the back in the middle of the waistband to help the fabric stretch.

Indeed, as its name in English indicates "after dinner split", a notion that can be translated by "extension after dinner" had a function to allow the gentleman to help them during their movement after a meal. Since the abdominal belt can take volume at the end of the dinner, it was necessary to find a subtle way thanks to the cut of the pants to allow it to adapt to its user.


after dinner split  after dinner split

*Waist Fit Serge 23 Edo-Style Tobi Pants front and back

Specifically, when you adjust to a sitting position, the waistband block will want to expand on the left and right sides. With this shape, the pants will fit more easily and adjust to your waist. You will be able to gain comfort, and get a wider waistband while keeping a snug fit without having to change the entire design of the pants.


This little sartorial finish, after dinner split, from the world of tailoring, you can find it on all our Edo-Style Tobi pants to offer the same functionality at your dinners. Here is a little fun fact that will fill your evenings.

Don't hesitate to take a closer look at this one when purchasing.

Stay tuned for more details in future articles. 

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